Using lichen to make the colors of the Vikings, Gudrun, samples of her yarn

Using lichen to make the colors of the Vikings, Gudrun, samples of her yarn

Views from the studio

Views from the studio



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just another day

ordinarily extraordinary

well extraordinary, it is Iceland and no road trip goes without

amazing waterfalls, the largest geyser in Europe, sweeping panoramics

but also

hours cocooned in the car

five women together

peppering our local director with questions

but what is ? now why are ? what's the name of ?

tales of trolls throwing stones (they built that church and made her angry) 

princesses turned into fog (1,000 years no one can say bad things about the fog, impossible!) 

gleaning answers that would take months to find

fìfa to make the wicks (you need to let the mice eat the seeds first)

baula mountain , like the cow sound (how do you say cows sound in America?) 

five trees make a forest

learning about local dyes from an ethnobotanist who pulls materials from the valley she lives

her studio heady

her soul spilling over her words

the world scrolling past windows


snorri's laug


the names tripping our tongues

oh that is beautiful, shall we stop? 

then the fog slowing absorbing us

feeling apart from the chaos

a part of the sweetness


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The year of Gudruns

The residency is located in what was a Women's College: kvenneskòlinn. For many years, it was one of the few places women could obtain higher education in Iceland, focused mainly on home economics and handcraft. Class photos line the hallways and rooms dating back to the 1930s. Daughters and granddaughters often visit to look for their family member's photo.  

This is the class in my room, looking over/watching out for me (depending on the day and my perspective of it) while I'm here. 

5 Gudruns, easy to sit and wonder about the life each made for herself, how it went.


Illustration by Laura May Hagerty

Illustration by Laura May Hagerty

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two sunsets today: 12:04am and 11:59pm

time means so little in the absence of learned natural cues

3am looks like 3 pm

floating through time in iceland



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